Divine Corner.

1.”My  children, we are depending upon our might,

ability and wealth which are ego centered,since long back.

Now, because of frequent happenings of natural disasters,

it looks as though God is trying to divert our attention from

egoism towards spiritualism.Let us surrender ourselves  to

the mercy of God.Delay not; waste not time. The black clouds

are sighted hovering over the earth. Only the breeze

 of  pure and sincere  prayer  has the power to melt

 those dark clouds into shower of mercy of  The Lord.”

(Speech by Mata Amritanandamayi.)

2.”The one  who chases  two rabbits, cannot catch even one.”

(concentration is the focal point  of  success.)


3.”One who is leading a lustful life, is awakened

only after s/he is spoiled/deserted.

One who is sleeping  at the top, on the branches

of a tree, is awakened  only after his/her  falling down on the earth.”

–Valmiki.(Author of Ramayana.).

“If one wants to attract others  by acting  like  Shri Krishna,

he should first of all, become Krishna.But, among us, no one

 wants to imitate His virtues. We like only his playfulness. 

Our arguements about  righteousness  is that, we do not agree

with the truth that “a thief is a thief wherever s/he may be”.

We believe that, one, if  s/he is caught, is only a thief;

if one is in prison, then only, s/he is a thief; if the culprit

is outside the prison, then, s/he is not a thief.”

Source–[Trans:Author-Vishveshwara Bhat,editor, Vijaya Karnataka.]


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