Butterflies, The Flyng Jewels.

Butterflies are called the flying jewels among the insects

because of  their multiple colours and designs. Most of

them  live from  20  to 40 days. Some of them live upto

9 months. Though they live not long their contribution

 to  the nature is immeasurable. They play a main role in

the fertilization process among the plants by carrying the filament of flowers

from plant to plant. Butterflies are cold blooded animals. They  keep their body

warm from the heat of the sun. They use their moustache to grasp the smell

and their legs to know the taste. They suck the honey from

the flowers and sit  on the earth to get the minerals which

their bodies need.The  stages in their life are–eggs, larvae,

cocoon and butterfly. Except Antarctica, they are found

almost in every corner of the world. They lay their eggs

 in the trunk of the trees or on the leaves  which serve as

 food to the larvae, coming out of the eggs.

They belong to Lepidoptera category. Various types of the butterflies are- Striped Tigers,

Blue Bottle, Zeebra Blue,Pioneer Butterfly, Lemon’s Fancy,

(these can’t fly)  Common Crow, Cerulean, Great Egg Fry,Evening Brown,

 Pale Grass Blue etc.



Tulu Community

Over 17 lakh people in India speak Tulu,

which is not a scheduled language.

The most famous woman among the Nadava  Bunts

(Tulu speaking community) is Siri. She was born in

Laxanapura near Mulki (a place near Mangalore)  in

a royal family.

The  brave brothers of   Tulunadu namely Koti and

 Chennaya were born in Padumale.

Another great  hero of Tulunadu namely Agoli Manjanna

was born at  Chelaru  in a royal family.He lived in 17th century.

He introduced  Arasu Kambala(  race of bufaloes in fields).

Tulunadu  is to the west of Karnataka and situated between

Arabian sea and western ghats.From Barakur in the  north

upto Chandragiri in south, Tulunadu spreads. Tulunadu is

also called the creation of sage Parashurama who, by

 throwing his axe into the sea recovered the land

receded by the sea and  hence Tulunadu came to be

 called  Parashurama Srishti(creation).Tulu speaking

 people  in coastal Karnataka celebrate worship of Naga

(serpent), play Yakshagana and offer Kola, a type

of  worship to beneficial spirits  and celebrate  Kambala

and arrange fights  between cocks called Koli Anka.

The famous authors in Tulu are-

1)Mandara Keshava  Bhat, who composed “Mandara

Ramayana” in Tulu.

2)N.S. Kille, who was an author,the analyzer in Yakshagana(a folk play),

and a freedom  fighter.

3)Kedambadi Jatthappa Rai who wrote ‘The  Memories

of Hunting”.

Another great artist who contributed a lot to Tulu

stage drama was Shri. K.N. Taler who is called as

 “Tulu  Ranga Rathna”.(A pearl  among Tulu stage

artists).He was also an actor, composer of story of drama,

and also a director.

The great authors who contributed a lot to Kannada literature

are-Shri. Kayyara Kinnanna Rai  and  Shri Erya  Laxmi Narayana Alva.

Tuluvas  call the sea as “Paddayi”(West)  with respect.

Bana  means  a  small  forest area where the serpents live.

To cut the tree, branches, leaf or dry sticks in this area

is fobidden.The spirits live in Bana. If the  Bana is  wide ,

it is called ‘Kana’. Bana is called’ Hadi’  in Coondapur(the

name of a place  in Karnataka). Bana  is the place where

only one  spirit exist, whereas in Hadi or Kana, many spirits live.

Keddasa in Tulunadu is a traditional  celebration. During this

 period ,Tuluvas do not dug the earth. They believe that the Earth

who was a minor girl previously, now  attains womanhood.

 Hereafter she becomes  pregnant and gives  birth to fruits. 


Animal World.

1) Weaver  bird: Not  a single drop of water enters the

nest, weaved by the weaver bird, using the selected

 tiny sticks and fibers.

2)A small animal named Beaver, builds a big dam

to bring up it’s babies. With the help of  it’s sharp

teeth, Beaver breaks  big  trees  and lay them

 against the river and weaves thousands of

 branches in crisscross  and  by loading mud

  and sand upon it , it composes a  huge

dam,  having a length of nearly 100 feet and

a height of nearly 10 feet. Without any technical

assistance, to build such a great barrier against the

flow of the river describes the wonderful 

engineering  skill of the animal.


Foreign Land.

Shri Rama after killing  Ravana , coronated Vibhishana,

the virtuous brother of Ravana, as the king of  Swarna (golden)

Lanka. Vibhishana, requested Shri Rama to stay with him in

Lanka. Laxmana, brother of  Shri Rama, also insisted  Shri Rama,

 not  to leave Lanka, which was a  prosperous and beautiful

country. Shri Rama refused the request by saying that however

rich  or  beautiful a  foreign country  may be , our native land

is forever the best and loving for us.

Similarly those who go to foreign countries seeking  wealth

and prosperity, cannot stay there for long. They have to

 renew their visa again and again; and in case ,like in Gulf

countries, (eg:Libya)  people rise in rebellion against the

government or against a particular community as it happens

 in other countries, the foreign people feel unsecured and

seeking safety return to their native countries.

The earth we live here, is also a foreign country

 and we cannot treat it as our  native land. On the

expiry of visa, issued by the Almighty, we have to

return to our native land, from where we have

come, seeking to enjoy life  on this earth  upto

 the end of the period noted in the visa.

By Vani Hegde.


1)The coins given by father cannot be counted;

the mat given by mother cannot be folded.

Ans:Stars on the sky and the earth below.

2)Within the fortress of green stones,you find

countless golden temples of same  measures,

and within each temple there is a silver idol.

Ans:Jackfruit-skin,fruit and seed inside.

3)A person with leaking nose went to the weekly fare.

Ans:Lady’s finger(Vegetable)

4) Three people went to swim in the river; one floated, another drowned and third one melted.

Ans: Betel leaf, areca nut, slacked lime paste.

Source:Kannada puzzles.

A Visit To Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles, the pulse of  Southern California, is known

as the entertainment /thrill capital of the world.

Major attractions of the city are:-

Madame Tussauds Hollywood,  where you meet the

famous and infamous on iconic film sets, from the

 stars of  the golden era to today’s stars and movie

 makers; get up close and personal with over 120

celebrities, spread over 3 floors of attraction space;

  Walk of Fame, where we see 2,400 pink  terrazzo

 stars inlaid with the names of famous celebrities

on Hollywood Blvd; Hollywood Wax Museum;

 Guinness World of Records; Grauman’s Chinese Theatre,

built in 1927 by  Sid Grauman, it’s famous for its cocrete

 hard and footprints of the stars; Hollywood Sign,

 overlooking Mulholland Drive a famous landmark,

 spelling out the name in 50 foot high letters created

  as an advertisement in1923;  Walt Disney’s famous

 amusement park where you find Disney stories come to life;

Sunset Strip, where the stars party;  Rodeo Drive,

 where the stars shop;The Original Farmer’s

Market/Grove, built in 1937, it’s the oldest

Farmer’s Market in L.A. The Grove is  home to

 upscale boutiques and  restaurents; celebrate

 the wonders of the sea at Sea World, San Diego;

see over 45  stars’ homes in Hollywood, Beverly

 Hills and Bel-Air! From the stars of  yesterday to

 the mega stars of today, everyone is sure to see

 their favorites; visit the filming locations and

encounter movie stars on a break, while filming

their latest movie;Pasadena, the city of Roses which

is a city within  a city; it is host to a wealth of cultural,

dining, shopping and entertainment opportunities;

here you find ‘The Pasadena  Playhouse’  the state theatre

of California and Norton Simon Museum, where you find

a permanent collection , ranging from ancient Asian art,

European from the early Renaissance onward and

 contemporary and modern pieces; to alleviate traffic stress,

 you can park at Union Station and taking local train, hop off at

Memorial Park Station to get easy access to old town Pasadena

 and Colorado Boulevard.

The pirates, Spiderman, Batman, Marilyn Monroe and

Disneyland characters (humans in disguise)  are waiting for you

near Madame Tussauds-Hollywood, located next to

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, to click photoes with you.

Don’t miss them.

By Vani Hegde(Informations from different sources)


While praying, the soul and Almighty are

standing in silence. It means that they do

 not listen to each other. No silence is  empty.

Each silence has  a sound in it. The culture of

 listening, one  should have. If we listen to an empty 

blowing horn, we  can hear a mild voice in it.

If the belief is strong, the prayer need not be long.