Politics is not a subject to be shunned; it is a holy subject.

Greek  philosopher Aristotle has said that politics is a  subject

of mastery, a matured science, and a super art. In a  holy land

ruled by incarnations of God like  Shri Rama and Shri Krishna,

are born villains like  Kamsa, Kichaka, Dhuryodhana and  Shakuni,

and because of this reason politics has earned a bad opinion that

politics is the last resort of the scoundrel.’It is not the activities of the

rascals, but the inactivities of the good people, that destroys a society’–

says, Shiv Khera,the management guru. Good people are hesitating to

enter into politics. Legends say that in each era ,  whenever the villains

hold the powers, the heroes take births to reform the society.

One should not keep away politics as dirty; because this system    

 has the super power to shape our life.The decision  and laws

passed by the government  reaches everyone equally.

Hence it is the duty of each citizen to participate in the

process of  shaping a stable  government by casting

 his/her valuable  vote  using discretionary power.



Muir Woods National Park

Located near San Francisco, Muir  Woods each year attracts nearly

one million visitors from all around the  world. It is truly a window

into the complex world of  nature. It is a soothing site for the soring

eyes. The  fog drenched forest is dominated by tallest living  things,

the  Coast  Red Woods of all the ages, including many over 600 years old.

Some redwoods are at least 1,000 years old. They grow among

 standing dead trees, rotting logs, and diverse undergrowth.

Birds like spotted owls, bats, raccoons emerge at night.

Deers appear at dawn and dusk. Most commonly seen are

Steller’s  jays, Sonoma chipmunks and western gray squirrels.

Redwoods grow upto the height of  379ft. and live upto 2,000

years. There is a visitor centre at the entrance and a self-guiding

nature trail. A gift shop sells snacks and souvenirs.

There is a  beautiful quote at a site near the gift shop,

which reads,:’God saves the trees from diseases, floods,

raging tempest but not from the  fools.’

Managed by Golden  Gate National Recreation Area,

Muirwoods  National Monument is one of the 390

parks in the National Park System.

Muir Woods national Monument is 12 miles  north

of  Golden Gate Bridge  and is reached  via U.S.101 and Calif.

Hwy.1. Approach roads are steep and  winding.

Kent family in 1905, purchased the forest land in

northern California coastal  valleys, to protect one

of the last strands of uncut redwoods and donated to the

federal government to ensure permanent protection.

In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed

the area a national monument. It was named for the

conservationist John Muir at William Kent’s request.

Source: Collection

Weak Mind

Mind is weak, awareness is needed. How to strengthen it?

  • Dont surrender to weak mind
  • loneliness is not good
  • Try to be one among the crowd
  • Go to cinema or other entertainment program along with your friends
  • Engage in works without absorbing in worries and sitting in a corner
  • Try to aware your nervous system by joining your palms in such a way as the fingers of both palms touch each other, clapping loudly
  • Lighten your mind by explaining the losses and difficulties of your life with your close companions.
  • You may turn the pages of photo albums
  • Avoid negative thinking and think positive which brings change in your life

Our mind is talkative forever. It doesn’t stay at one place. It keeps on running. Where ever we may be it can go anywhere and come back.

Source: Collection (Translation)

What is in Udupi?

The places of tourist attractins in Udupi are numerous.

The world famous Shri Krishna temple, Arabian sea in Malpe,

world famous  Saint Maries Island , carved out of basalt rocks,

Light house of Kaup, Barakur, ruled by Alupa’s, Pajaka, where

Madhwacharya was born, Kodachadri  hill where Adi Shankaracharya

did  penance and which attracts those interested in trekking,

Saint  Lawrence church in Attur, Anjuman mosque in Udupi,

Kollur, Anegudde where there is udhbhava(self appeared)

Ganapati, Hattiangadi temple etc.

But what is a matter of  concern is that they fail in

getting proper publicity.

Source: Collection.

Divine Corner

1.Rudra(Shiva)  means one who drives away sorrow.

Rudham(sorrow) dhravayathi(drives away) Rudra-says the chant.

He  loves ablutions (a ritualistic bath).

He is worshipped in the form of Linga which means

mark and symbol; a dot, which represents the whole.

The round shape of Linga represents the universe.

Lingam means leenam(hiding) gamayareti(Shiva is in me)

Linga implies that Shiva is hiding in me.

2.Laxmi was born during  churning of

ocean of milk. She keps on moving like

the waves of the ocean. Laxmi represents wealth.

She implies that only if our wealth keeps  on  moving 

it gets it’s desired result.

Source:Collection (Translation)


“God despite His casual silence, still exists. Of that, I haven’t

a single doubt.”–Don William Jr.

The miracle that happened in my life proves it.

When I was 3 or 4 years old, I used to annoy my mother

to send me to school along with our neighbouring

school going children. At last she agreed and send

me to school  with those children. They left me in a

deserted area in the middle of thick forest and escaped to the

school. I searched for them running here and there but could

not find them. I was frightened and began to weep loudly.

At that moment  a person black in colour, named Kariya

came  and consoled me by wiping out the tears and lifting

me upon his shoulders carried me to our house and

handed me to my mother. He knew my parents well.

My mother thanked him. I embraced my mother and

wept bitterly. My mother informed about the incident

to the mother of those children. She scolded and beat them.

But, thereafter we shifted our residence to a new house

which was just in front of an elementary school at Udupi

 and I was admitted there. Even today I  think him as

Lord Krishna in human form.

 By Vani Hegde

Hoover Dam

Hoover dam is located near Boulder city, Nevada, in the Black

Canyon of the Colorado river on the border of the U.S.States of

Arizona and Nevada. Hoover dam also known as Boulder dam

is one of the engineering wonders of the world. It has been named after

 Hoover, the U.S.Prez. who was an engineer. The concrete

dam has created Lake Mead. The lake, with it’s crystal blue

waters is known as  the largest man-made lake in the  U.S.A. 

The visitors  can go there on bus tour from Las Vegas.

By  Vani  Hegde.