Express Yourself

As an author writes in Kannada- ”Procession goes on  until the road is worn off. Writing goes on until the fingers are worn off.”

Express yourself. Exhibit the multicoloured dreams weaved by your mind. Give a  direction to the roaming imaginations.

Open out the closed windows of your mind and vent out the suppressed feelings within, let the fragrant and fresh wind from

outside to enter within, so that whatever you spill out may spread far and wide the fragrance from within.

Write to  reform the  outdated views and systems existing in the society by convincing the people about their  evil effects

through writing. Insist the people not to recourse to strikes or riots instead of placing the demands before the concerned

authorities and requesting them in writing to take proper action and deliver justice by setting right the things.

A Kannada poet writes that those who  drink milk vomit poison. Wherever we see we find resentment and anger existing among

people. That is why this country is like this. He further muses that the buffalo which is not bothering about the affairs of the

world is only the happiest being. It never cares those who engage in fighting  with or shouting at each other in front of it but

remains  calm and undisturbed. It is possible only for a writer to spread  peace in society  by killing the anger and resentment

with his mighty weapon, “The Pen.”

-Vani Hegde


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