Proverbs and Quotes

Story is same; actors are different.
The candles are many but light is one.
As like jasmine blooms in a land where the people have no noses.
Never exibhit the beautiful things before a sinner.
The negligence spoils the agriculture; Alchohal spoils the power of understanding.
It is easy to dodge a spear that comes in front of you but hard to avoid an arrow shot from behind.
Same bed, different dreams.
If one flower fades, is there no flower for a bee?
The gold makes not sound so loud as bronze makes.
The wise person is one who knows what should be understood and what should be rejected from what he sees.
Amonst all the drinks water is the best drink.
He who smiles rather than rages is always the stronger.



Sunlight– activates the parts of the brain responsible for alertness.
The first rays of the early morning suppress the production of melatonin (a hormone that makes you feel sleepy). Light encourages production of Serotonin, the mood-regulating neurotransmitter. Insufficient exposure to sunlight (in winter months) can lead to mild depression. Our appetite respond to light in the early morning when we need energy for days work and diminish after dark, when we rest.

Source: Collection
Vani Hegde

Express Yourself

As an author writes in Kannada- ”Procession goes on  until the road is worn off. Writing goes on until the fingers are worn off.”

Express yourself. Exhibit the multicoloured dreams weaved by your mind. Give a  direction to the roaming imaginations.

Open out the closed windows of your mind and vent out the suppressed feelings within, let the fragrant and fresh wind from

outside to enter within, so that whatever you spill out may spread far and wide the fragrance from within.

Write to  reform the  outdated views and systems existing in the society by convincing the people about their  evil effects

through writing. Insist the people not to recourse to strikes or riots instead of placing the demands before the concerned

authorities and requesting them in writing to take proper action and deliver justice by setting right the things.

A Kannada poet writes that those who  drink milk vomit poison. Wherever we see we find resentment and anger existing among

people. That is why this country is like this. He further muses that the buffalo which is not bothering about the affairs of the

world is only the happiest being. It never cares those who engage in fighting  with or shouting at each other in front of it but

remains  calm and undisturbed. It is possible only for a writer to spread  peace in society  by killing the anger and resentment

with his mighty weapon, “The Pen.”

-Vani Hegde


Once a person sold his well. The buyer when came to draw water from the well, the seller prevented him.
“I have sold you only the well, not the water.”-he said.
The case entered the court. The judge heard the complaints from both sides and gae the verdict.-“Since the seller has sold only the well, he has no right to store water in the well. He should immediately empty the well and carry the water to another place.” The seller of the well silently vacated the site.

Source: Translation


Radha requests with Shri Krishna –

Can I say don’t go on journey?  It may mean ominous to you.
Can I say go later, not now?  Then you may misunderstand me.
Can I say you to stop ? Then it is your ‘Will’.
Can I say do as you like it,  then it implies contempt.
I can’t live without you, oh my lord! But if I reveal it, will you believe me or feel disgusted?
What can I say to you now? What is right and what is not I don’t know. Teach me oh my Lord!

There is innocence in the love of Radha towards Krishna. The lover should not become a thorn in the journey of life of her beloved. She should not become burden on him, neither she want to cause disturbances of any kind to him. Such a deep intensity of love is expressed in her request. This is the real love and only the real happiness of soul we find in such a love and not in self concentrated love where in the disappointment gives way to resentment and in-human behaviour. 

-Vani Hegde
Source: Translation

How The Judge Can Act

When a defect appears in a statute,the judge cannot simply fold his hands and blame the draftsman.

Instead,the judge must supplement the written words so as to give force and life to the intention of the  legislature.

A judge must not alter the material into which the Act is  woven,but he can and should iron out the creases.

Source: Collection

Vision And Darkness

Vision stands for intelligence.Darkness stands for secrecy.

I need vision to move on the path of righteousness.

I need darkness to escape from bare realities of this shining world  and to enjoy the procession of  full moon,the emperor of the night sailing in  dark blue ocean with  millions of  twinkling stars following  him.

I need vision to wave sweet dreams.I need darkness to hide myself from haunting nightmare.

I need right vision to accept the humans with their  weaknesses.

The secrecy of this mysterious universe hides in darkness and dark complexion of Lord Krishna implies that  He only knows that truth, and He cannot be approached through vision but  by whole hearted devotion.

By :Vani