Two donkeys were great friends.One belonged  to a potter and other to a washerman.

One day the potter’s donkey said it was thinking of running away, as it’s master was very cruel and asked the other donkey whether it would give company.

The washerman’s donkey said its master was no different but refused  to run away.

The reason- his master,during fights with his wife ,kept threatening that  if she did not mend her ways he would marry thier daughter to the donkey.

So the optimistic donkey was waiting.



Do You Know?

The bald eagle was chosen as the emblem of the United States of America on june 20,1782.

It was because of its long life,great strength,majestic looks and also  because it was then believed to exist only on that continent.

It was also designated as national bird.


Real Woman[Hindhu Mythology]

The creator took the lightness of leaf and the glances of fawn,the gaiety of the sun’s rays and tears of mist,the dance of the winds and the timidity of hare, the beauty of  a peakcock,the softness of the throat of a swallow and He added the toughness of a diamond ,the sweetness of honey,warmth of fire and chill of snow,the chatter of joy and the cooing of a  dove and He melted all these and made a woman.He then presented her to man.She is  his present,past and future.She is one with him.

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Sin And suffering

According to scriptures suffering  of a person is due to committing of  sins in previous births.

But for those who do not believe in rebirths, suffering is  not evidence of sin.

According to them laws of nature do not make difference between nice and corrupt people .

Nature is morally blind,without values,uncaring about who   or what,gets in its way.

Weighing good verses bad deeds is absurd.

A bridge has no conscience neither the brick walls of a house.

They may collapse due  to heavy rain  or if they get aged.

It is human kinds innate tendency to extract meaning from calamity.

The search for such meaning may be found in moral guidelines laid down by our spirtual leaders to guide the human kind in a virtuous path.

It is an attempt to advise  people that bad things  happen to those who violates moral guidelines or commit sins.

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“Providence ” operates in a manner that the agents,taking part in the whole operation may or may not be aware of what lies in store for them.

Once a rat gnawed its way into a  wicker basket in which a snake was kept in captivity.

The straving snake  ate the rodent and strengthened and managed to crawl out   the basket through  the hole made by the rat.

Actions of man  shape his Providence.Noble acts shape benign Providence  whereas wrong doings shape your malignant Providence.

A person endowed with free Will can choose to act wrongly or rightly.

Gods are rendered powerless before the law of action of earthlings.

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Proverbs In Tulu Language

1] To take revenge with the water,refuse to take bath or wash hands in water.
2] The heat of burning sun during the hot summer of Aati[Ashadha/July] causes cracks on the back of elephant.
3] You cannot predict the cat sitting on the wall,which side it is going to jump.
4] To search for toilet when one feels to attend nature’s call.
5] One who went for filing his ship returned with goods but one who went to fill his stomach did not return.
6] An idle sculptor tried to carve the buttock of the child.
7] The floor below is not visible for the girl when she becomes youth;The nations seem no barrier for the boy when moustache start growing.
8] Measure the depth of water by stepping down into it.Study the people by living with them.
9] If you try to draw milk from,you find it is not cow;if you try to use it for ploughing,you find it is not bull.
10] What is the necessity of asking the price of buffalo for the person who has come to buy the milk?

By: Vani

Meanings Differ



Earth Money/Meaning
Suffer Tour
Door Thread
Mar Kill or Beat
More Peacock
Shore Noise
Mouth Death
Lick Write
Seek Learn
Fool Flower
My I am
G O.K/ Sir
Now Nine
Thus Ten
Bees Twenty
Bite Sit
Good Jaggery
Calm Work/Job
Chain Peace of Mind
Maze Table
Mode Turn
Duck Bend/Lower
Pet Stomach
Bath Talk/Rice[Baked]
Bow Plant the seed
Bun Become
Hill Shake
Mill Getting

By : Vani