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During Vedic age,before 200 B.C,women were eligible for studying Vedas and performing sacrifice.

Upanayana,the Vedic iniation of girls had been as common as  that of boys.

Rigveda,the oldest known literature in the whole world contains hymns[Suktas] composed by as many as 27 women seers[Brahmavadinis]



Filmy Dialogue

1]Bapu says to Munna Bhai-“A Doctor only saves the life.But you taught everyone how to live.”

[Munna Bhai M.B.B.S]

2]”Leave aside full stop,you cannot put  even a comma  into my life.”-

Shakti Kapoor [Actor]

3]”Usually a person runs in his life two times-when he is participating in running race and when he is chased by the police.But,brother why are you running?”-Amitabh Bachchan [Actor]

4]”If an oridinary man encounters and kills a criminal,it is a crime.But if the policeman do it ,it earns him name and fame.”-Puneet  Rajkumar[Actor]-”

5]”Don’t loot the helpless and poor.If you do so ,then you have to pay heavy taxes either to God or to  Doctor”.-Puneet  Rajkumar [Actor]  film” Jacki”.


Upbringing Of Kids

Kids deserve affection and better treatment.

Repressed traumatic experiences of childhood remain etched in a person’s sub-concious and influence  his/her behaviour even during adulthood.

The  negative aspect of this influence takes its toll on the society.

The need of the hour is to understand and modify the finer aspects  of  child upbringing and schooling in today’s fast-changing society.


Ontology Of Red

Red is represented by fire.The fire can create or destroy;

It can cause you to anger easily or get agitated.

Restaurents use red table clothes to increase the customer’s appetite.

The colour of “Rajas” is red.Mother Durga and Goddess Laxmi wear red.

Rajas is the nature of activity to acquire material wealth.

Lord Subramanya is of deep red colour and infinite knowledge.

The colour red has deep emotional and spiritual connotations.

It is an indication of intense passion,aggression and vigour;

It is also the colour of danger and shame.


Chaos Of Existence

Most of us lead a life which is similar to that of a child who is lost in a crowd seperated from his guardians.

He has nobody to place his faith on.He is afraid,insecure and suspicious about everyone and everything.

In the chaos  of existence,we have lost touch with our Higher Self  i.e force above us.


Monitoring Of Emotions

Human body is an emotional reservoir.

A person with  unexpressed feelings will one day experience an outpouring of emotions,

  Which overwhelm him/her at the wrong time in the wrong situation,with the wrong person.

This is what we call a physical and mental breakdown or a nervous breakdown.

The English language has more than 2000 words describing various feelings.

These emotions can be broadly classified  into four main types-sadness,scare,anger and happiness.

Negative emotions like sadness,scare and anger are uncomfortable whereas the state of happiness is associated with comfort.

Happiness infuse  energy whereas sadness,scare and anger drain us of our energy and make us weak.

That is why we need to monitor our emotions which affect our personality.


The story Of Goddess Durga

The story of Goddess Durga  is an allegorical representation of the continual conflict,

Rraging within every human  between divine and demonic instincts.

Mortals  have to fight a gruesome  battle against the negative  passions like anger,greed,jealousy.

It is the awakening of divine  power  that can free  a  person from the bondage of ego to attain  supreme bliss.

Navarathri is symbolic explanation of the story of Goddess Durga  in a convincing manner.

Navarathra-these 9 nights are divided and devoted to the Trinity of God,worshipped in female form-

3 nights for Mahal Kali  or Durga ,3 nights for Maha Laxmi  and 3 nights for Maha Saraswathi.

Durga or Maha Kali represents  Tamas or demonic traits,so she is black in colour.

Maha Laxmi represents Rajas or desire so she is red in colour.

Maha Saraswathi represents Satwa or enlightenment,so she is whole white in colour.

Durga or Maha Kali is Goddess of war.She is called Raja Rajeshwari because she is worshiped by kings and emperors.

In North India she is worshiped as Maheshwari.In West India she is worshiped as Maha Laxmi.

In East India she is worshiped as Maha Kali and in South India she is worshiped as Maha Saraswathi.

India which is protected by these 4 forces is really a land of devotion and divine energy.

Rigveda says, the universe is completely pervaded and protected by the force which is identified and worshiped as Mother Durga.

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