An Imaginative Story

One who  complains  that his mind listens not to him should read the following story:

Two youths who were poor,hungry and unemployed were roaming unhappily,

When they met a person who was screaming-“Bronze lamp is for sale for one rupee only”.

The friends had only one rupee coin with them. They asked the seller  what is the speciality of the lamp.

The hawker explained -“It is a magic lamp.When you rub it, a ghost appears and does all the work allotted to it,

But you should not stop giving the work to the ghost.If the works are not given,it begins to torture you and makes your life unbearable”.

The youth purchased the lamp for one ruppee and rubbed it.The ghost appeared and asked,”What is the order for me”?.

The youth demanded the royal feast.The ghost presented  the dinner within a jiffy.

Then the youths  demanded a palace for eating the dinner.Within  a trice that too appeared.

The ghost asked for the next order.The youths  demanded that beautiful girls  should serve the dinner.

Within the flash of  eyes the girls appeared.The ghost asked for next order.

The youths had no idea what to demand.The ghost did not  allow them  to have dinner but began to harass them.

An old man sitting at a distance was watching them all.He consoled the youths and told them that he would help them.

He asked the ghost to erect a sky-high pillar and keep on climbing and  slipping down the pillar incessantly.

The youths had their royal dinner served by the pretty young women and after thanking the old man looked at the tired ghost which was sleeping at the bottom of the pillar.

The youths asked the old man what happened to the ghost which was torturing them.

The old man  explained to the youths-“The ghost is nothing but your mind.If you leave it idle,it keeps on torturing you.

The pillar is the symbol of God.To  climb up and down means to engage in meditation by chanting His names.

The restless mind when given ceaseless work of chanting the names of God through meditation it becomes silent and do not distrub you”.

The youths understood the easy method of controlling mind and felt happy.

Source:S Shadakshari{Trans}



Sun remains red both at the  glorious moment of rising above the hill in the  east   during   early  hours of the morning and even at the deplorable moment of setting in ocean in the west in the evening.The virtuous people remains unperturbed when the fortunes  favour or disasters befall.

By;Perla Krishna Bhat[Trans]

Quotes From Mahabharata

1] Of all the  fortresses built for the protection of a country,the fortress built by the people of the country united by brotherhood and patriotism is the strongest one.[Shanti Parva]

2]  One who is free from  diseases and loans and in the company of virtuous people and  who is economically independent,is happiest  in life.


Pests Ands Weeds Survive

As long as the home is new and clean,arrive the wanted guests,

As the house becomes  aged and stained,stealthily enter the unwanted pests.

Mouse is agile,but it makes your hoardings futile.

Ants in crowd gather and they spare no corner.

Very fast cockroaches breed and make your life deplorable and hard.

If you tear the spiders web,mosquitoes assemble and make your house their  club.

They make your body their birthday cake and keep you all night awake.

As the wooden furniture become old,worms germinate  and make them fragile,

And causes tears from your eyes to  trickle.

If water accumulates  behind the house, the flies appear,

No bathing,no clothing,an ugly lot,the flies directly,

 Races towards kitchen and sit upon  exposed eatables in a royal pose,

And you cannot drive them out or chase.If you plant a shrub of rose and pour water,

A weed also spring along with it and show its power.

Weeds and pests can not be eliminated.They are the weapons most wanted by the nature,

In its process of creation and destruction and humans have no role to play in its mission.


Know About Islam

“Islam” an Arabic  word which  has two   meanings-1]Peace 2] Surrender to God’s Will .

“Allah Ho Akbar ” means God is great. “Salam Alaikum” means peace be  with you.

Muslims  celebrate Muharram, Eid,Ramzan and Bakrid.Bakrid glorifies the surrender of self behind the  concept of sacrifice.

Eid Milad is the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad.He was born in 570 AD in Arabia at Mecca.

Khathija was his wife.Quran contains the divine messages revealed to him by Jibreil,

The messanger of  God in 610 AD,in the cave named Hira where he used to do meditation in loneliness.

Moharram is the  remembrance of the death anniverary of Imam Hussain,the second son of Hazarat Ali and grand son Prophet Mohammad.

He attained martyrdom at the age of 55 in Iraq on Friday the 10th October,680AD in defence of the basic values of Islamic faith.

Ramzan is the month of fasting.Zakat [Alms] by the rich to the poor is compulsory during Ramzan.

It has been said that holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad during Ramzan.

Fasting during Ramzan relieves impurities of mind and body .It makes one understand what hungry means to a poor.

As Bodhgaya   for Buddhists, Vatican  for Catholics,Wailing wall for Yehudis,Varanasi for Hindhus, so also Kaba in Mecca is holy for Muslims  who want  to visit it once in a life time.

Pilgrimage to Mecca is called Haz and Hazi is  one called  after returning from Kaba.Green is the colour which implies happiness in Islam.

Mehandi and Gazal are gifts of Islam to cultural and literary  world.

Shia,Sunni,Shaik,Saiyyad,Moghul,Patan etc are the several divisions we find in Islam.

Mosque is built for Allaha where Muslims perform Namaz on Friday and other religious occasions.

Darga is built for Muslim saints.Urus are anniversary celebration in remembrance of saints of Darga.

Khaji is the religious preist.Shariyat refers to religious codes.

Madarasa is the school where students are given religious education in Urdu.

Fatwa  is the verdict issued by panel of religious heads who decide the case according to guidelines prescribed in Quran.

Jesus of Jerusalem,Mohammad of Mecca and Madhava of Mathura all voiced forth only compassion and Humanity.



1]Raja Ravivarma the legendary  artist,linked to the Travancore royal family,

Is credited with giving a face to the characters of the epics Ramayana  and Mahabharata through his paintings.

2]Kengal Hanumanthaih is the builder of Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore.

3] Dwarakanatha Kotnis was Indian Doctor who served the  wounded soldiers in China .

4]Guru Arjun Dev built Golden temple in Amritsar.

5] Azim Premji – software  czar,world’s richest Muslim entrepreneur

Source :Collection[Trans]

Garland Of Alphabets To Jesus

After the birth of Jesus,a new chapter  in the  treatise of spirituality  was  opened.

Born he was in B.C 4,Dec .25 at Nazareth village  and according to another source he was born in Bethlehem of Judaea.

Christianity was the religion founded by him.

Died  he on the cross at Golgotha mountain.

Emmanuel is the name of Jesus which means God of accompaniment.

Father above,sent him to purify the sinners on earth.

Good Friday is the day of  atonement because Jesus was crucifixed on that  day.

Herod was the king of Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

In Chirst,the sufferers found a reliever.

Jesus was the symbol of love,truth and non-violence.

Killing of eternal values for which Jesus stood, was not possible  by those who executed him.

“Love your neighbour”-was the message of Jesus, which if implemented by neighbouring countries,wars may not occur.

Mary Virgin was his mother.Never was Judas,the biblical bad boy was a traitor,

But only instrumental in accomplishing the mission of life of Jesus and Jesus knew the truth.

“Oh Father,forgive them,they don’t know what they are doing”-prayed Jesus while dying on the cross referring to the sinners.

Pilata, the Governor of Rome, gave verdict for persecution of Jesus  by crucifixion at the recommendation of the Yehudi religious heads.

Quit the world, Jesus  at the age of 33 years.

Rebellion he was,  believed the king.

Several miracles Jesus performed to convince the people about his divinity.

“Turn yourself towards the empire of God”,Jesus preached.

University of earth needs such professors  of spirituality in abundance.

Values of life,he preached through parables.

World wide we find his followers .

X’mas day is celebrated on Dec 25 as the birth day of Jesus.

Youth of today should read Basic Information Before Leaving Earth [Bible]

And become a benefit to the entire world by over coming weaknesses and vices.

Zone of earth need the strength of pilots such  as Jesus.