Quotes From Bhagavad Gita

You are the original God,the oldest person,the ultimate resting place of the entire universe.

You are the knower and you are that which is to be known,the supreme abode.

You of limitless form pervade the entire universe!

And why should they not bow before you,O,exalted one,

You are even greater than Brahma being the original creator?

O infinite one,God of gods,you are the abode of universe,

The imperishable,the manifest and the unmanifest,

And that which lies beyond both.

Source : Collection



Manipal,a place near Udupi in Karnataka State India,gave asylum to many sages during,

 Epic age and hence called Manipal-[Muni-Palane=bringing  up of sages].

Indrani,wife Indra was seperated from her husband because of curse of a sage and made penance here,

And got her wishes fulfilled.Manipal is not only sacred and holy but also famous for natural beauty,

And educational institutions.According to another source,

 Manipal got its name because there existed nothing but accumulation of mud [Mannu -Palla=cavity of mud]

Source : Collection[Trans]

Wrong Impression

How our stupid behaviour with our kinsfolk create wrong impression about them in others ,

Has been  illustrated in this stroy told by someone.

There was a rustic  man  in a village.

He always  used to call  his wife by name “stupid’.

One day a guest came to his house and the  rustic  man asked his wife,

“Oh ,stupid,bring water to  the guest for washing hands and feet”.

The uneducated and faithful wife obeyed him.

After that he asked her,”Oh,stupid,bring banana leaves and serve  meals  for us”.

She did accordingly.The guest  thought that her name was “stupid”.

Later when the guest  was ready for taking leave of,he approached the woman,

 And said ,”Thank you for your hospitality,Oh,stupid,the dinner was nice”.



What is not in a name?A name carries with it information about one’s origin,religion,community,gender and identity.

We identify by name, each object on earth,liquid or solid and the objects which we feel but not see.

Parents name their children after spiritual or famous persons  and expect their children to follow their  footsteps and ideals.

But we see that  most of the criminals or  mis guided youths  spoil the fame of the persons,

 After whom they are named and make their parents  bend their heads with shame.

Name often may not match with the position or disposition and nature or feature of a  person.

A begger may be named Raja.A poor  girl may be  named after Goddess of wealth.

A person because of good deeds,may leave behind a name after death.

And people may blame a sinner  because of his bad deeds after death.

But for a deceased one fame or blame all is same.

Remembering the name of God,when breathing last will relieve a person of all the sins committed during the life time– says the scripture.

Names may be funny. A girl named Kumari may be a married one and  called as Srimati Kumari,

 Whereas  a girl named Srimati may be a unmarried one and called as Kumari Srimati.

By : Vani

Free Bonanza

Enter a commercial complex,you are greeted with a banner announcing ,

“Purchase one and get one  free”.

1]Purchase sweet,you get diabetes free.

2]Purchase a laptop ,you get shipment of health problems,

 Such as back pain,dryness of fluid in eyes due to continuous watching etc.

3]Purchase raw vegitables,raw meat or fish,you get germs free.

Enter the world of nature.Without burning a hole in your pocket,

You get bonanza free and perfect.

1] Plant a tree,you get oxygen free.

2]Dive deep into ocean,you get pearls free.

Enter the field of social service and serve humanity.

You get love of people and respect in society free.

Cultivate reading habits,you get food for hungry soul free.

Pray to Almighty  with devotion,you get His  insurance  cover free.


Hollow Bamboo

As long as  you are self-centred,you will be nothing more than a blocked bamboo stick,

That serves only to carry the corpse .When you  shed your ego and stand up with responsibility,

You will become  the hollow bamboo that serves as  a flute! .  Like how the air that enters the flute,

Leaves it as music,the air that enters you will flow  as energy.

The more responsibility you take  up,the more you will expand and grow.

Reposibility is consciousness.

By:Paramahamsa Nityananda