Wise Sayings

Debt  is the worst poverty.

Cattle do  not die from crow’s cursing.

Evil got evil spent.

Borrowed garments never fit well.

Cut your coat according to your cloth.

A deformed boy may have a beautiful soul.

Beneath the rose lies the serpent.

Bend the twig and bend the tree.



Know These Things

Anger is something to be controlled.

Beauty is something to be admired.

Charity is something to be cultivated.

Duty is something to be performed.

Fate is something to be challenged.

Guilt  is something to be confessed.

Fate is something to be balanced.

Love is something to be sacrificed.

Obedience is something to be adopted.


Message Of Nature

We learn many things from nature:

To endure difficulties in life – from earth,

To be transparent – from water,

To remain indifferent – from the sky,

How to move – from the wind,

How to extinguish ego  – from fire,

To consider all others as equal – from the sun.

The enchanted fireflies that go near the colorful fire and burn their wings,

Teaches that we also spoil ourselves if we crave for the luxuries of the worldly attractions,

We learn the fruitlessness of rise and fall from the waves of the sea.

How to feel happy even from trivial/unimportant things – from the Tiny tots.

We learn the art of concentration from artists.

The futility of hoarding of worldly things – from the bees.

The harmful effects of what the lust for food brings – from the fishes.

We learn that desire is reason for misery – from the spider’s web.

We learn from tortoise the lesson of drawing back of mind from attraction for worldly affairs.

And how to remain peaceful from moon.

The environment is school and for a learner the whole universe is a teacher.

Author – Dattatreya (Translation)

Meaning Of Blessing

A noted Kannada writer has given an account of an anecdote that happened in her life.

She attended a wedding ceremony and when the marriage was over,

The bride bent before an old lady seeking her blessing.

The old lady  blessed her -“May that day soon  come, when the vermilion,

On your forehead may be wiped off,the wedding chain[Mangala Suthra]

on your neck may be broken,the design drawn by you before,

Your door step[Rangoli  drawn with colourful powders of chalk pieces]may be erased”.

The bride was shocked to hear such a blessing and felt like hot water was thrown upon her.

She gradually forgot that incident. After some time  she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.

The baby grew older.The tiny tot was so naughty  that it was  wiping  the  vermilion  on her forehead,

Pulling her wedding chain and breaking it and erasing the  design  on the door step drawn by her.

Then she was reminded of the meaning of blessing of old and experienced woman who blessed her on her wedding day.


The Stranger In Your Life

Who played the most important part in bringing you to this world,when you were born?

If you reply that it is your mother,nothing could be more incorrect.

Because the new born,on delivery,is always picked up by some one,

Who holds the baby upside down and pats the back,

 So that the lungs begin to breathe,to signal the first act of independence.

Yet,she recedes into uncomplaining anonymity.

She remains the stranger,since most of us grow up to forget entirely how we owe her.



Colours you choose  speak volumes about you.

They  show your true colours.Bold colours like red increase confidence.

Serene and calm people  prefer blues.Orange signifies regeneration and passion.

Green is for peace.Black signifies mysticism and all that’s enticing.

Purple stands for royalty.Astrologically designated colour for each day of the week are –

White is for Monday and Friday,red and orange  for Tuesday,Green for Wednesday,

Yellow for Thursday,dark blue and black are assigned   for Saturday.


Do You Know?

Tortoise is revered  as holy symbol at Egypt.

Fish is symbol of development in Japan.

Dragon,the winged serpent is the symbol of  prosperity in china.

Serpent in Egypt is symbol of  achievement of  celesital status.

Hindus believe God exists  in every element of nature.