New Delhi

New Delhi was established in the year 1931.

It is 3 miles away from old Delhi in southern direction on the hill named Rayasima.

Old Delhi of today had been called Indrapratha during the days of Mahabharata.



Do Good Deeds

What  we are today is not the result of our own  endeavour.

It is because of guidance  and blessings of our teachers.

The good deeds of our elders also are supplementary  in shaping us.

The grand children get cool  shade today because their grand fathers planted banyan tree.

Likewise, we, the  present generation should also do some good deeds,

  For the welfare of our future generation  so that,

 They may remember with gratitude their elder’s  good deeds.

We also have to save the moral values from deterioration.

God is like a teacher.He compels us to undergo many  tests,

In life and according to our performance,He gives marks or grades  for our good deeds which we call as virtue.


View About Life

A horse riding is symbol of way of living.

The legs of horse rider should be on step ladder,

And rein of the horse should be in his hand.

He should have complete power over the horse.

The horse is  not a faithful or honest animal.

If it is not pleased with the rider it topples or overthrows him.

The rider should have courage and determination to rise again ,

And hold the rein by mounting upon the horse.

By:Dharani devi Malagatthi[Trans]

Changing Colours Of The Face

Colour of the face implies the emotion or health condition of a person.

Pink face implies that a person is healthy.When a person becomes pale because of illness the face turns white.

The face turns yellow when a person  suffers from a sickness named Jaundice.

When a person feels shy,shame or angry the face becomes red.

The face becomes black when a guilty person is caught red handed.

The face becomes blue when a serpent bites and poison spreads  throughout the body.

The joker in a drama appears on the stage with a face  painted with multi colours.

Beauty creams turn dusky faces into faces glowing with fairness.

During the festival of Holi,people smear Gulal  or rose  colour on faces of their friends and relatives.

An artist in a drama has to change the colour of the face,according to the occurrence of events.

A smile gives  a face   the colour of joy.

Often change in colour of face is compared with change in  emotions of the face.

When one meets an unwanted person the smile on his/her face disappears and  the  eyebrows are frowned.

When one finds a snake, hiding in the corner of the house he/she is scared and expression of the face changes suddenly.

Such changes in expression on the face is referred to as  change in colour of the face.


Version About Mahabharata

Mahabharata-The Maha Tradition-Iravathi Kharve describes in “Yugantha” ,

A perceptive reading of Vyasa Mahabharata,how the epic,

 Emerged from a ballad of  triumph called “Jaya’;Jaya was the story of,

 A  particular king and his victory  over another.

The balladeers or sutas would sing the  ballad in courts.

Through their travels,they would have spread the tale among laymen as well.

Over the centuries,the ballad moved from the memory of sutas ,

To the custody of a  Brahmin clan called Bhrigu who edited and added to the story.

Thus began the transformation of “Jaya”  into “Mahabharata”,from  kavya to an Itihasa.

Overtime,it got the authorial stamp of Veda Vyasa,

An actor in the epic who also turns into its narrator and resident philosopher.

By:Amrith Lal

Where Speaking Truth Is Not Allowed

One cannot speak the truth at all time.It depends upon the situation one faces in life.

At reality shows,some artists  perform a risky show  like dance  of ,

Spiders on the web of ropes,which makes the audience spell bound.

Some  other artists perform dance of butterflies which is enchanting.

The judges applaud every performance as super and speak not which performance is going to win.

Because if they comment negatively the young artists who participate in the show,

With confidence of winning the competition may feel heart- broken.

So the panel of judges speak not the truth till last moment.

The fans  appreciate the physical appearance of their favourite cine artists,

When they meet them even if they have lost their glamour because of their age factor.

The fans do not speak the truth because they don’t want to displease their icons.

Many times the parents do not know the genuine answers,

To the complicated and irksome questions of their children.

They have to fabricate the stories and reply tactfully without hiding the truth.

But the parents should not reprimand the children from questioning .

When childrens starts going to school,their circle of relationship widens ,

And they meet  characters of different  natures and study them keenly.

When parents find children start speaking untruth,they should convince them,

In an impressive way through  parables and moral stories,

The harmful effects of speaking untruth and how it spoils their bright future.

The lawyer who fights the case of culprit, has to cover the truth by way of tactful,

Arguements,because if he speaks the truth  he cannot win the case.

The thief does not speak the truth to escape the prison  life.

One hesitates to inform the reality to a heart patient if the truth is bitter and heart breaking.

In commerce ,we cannot expect all traders are genuine.

We find  advertisements  of various companies and requirements for jobs in newspaper.

Some of these advertisements may not be genuine.

And the publishers of news papers print a footnote that they are not responsible,

For the genuineness of the content of advertisement in case the customers are cheated.

The verification of genuineness of the commodities or services  to be purchased  are left to the buyers.

A citing from sanskrit says  truth which is bitter or displeasing should not be spoken.