Oh dear, swallow  the  tears and laugh once,

Laugh like swelling ocean of laughter that cast waves of genuine smile only,

Let not  the waves of fake smile appear on the surface of ocean of laughter.

If a child laughs ,twinkle  the sparkling eyes ,

If the wife laughs, it creates  a  charming poem,

Various types of laughter are there.

A smile may be  like an arrow  shooting up from the eye,

The lips may not open while casting a smile.

A laughter may be  deceiving like that of a cunning fox,

It may be  beautiful like a bud  blossoming into a flower,

It may be ominous,it may raise  loud ripples of sound around,

It may be evasive like  behind a veil,it may be a speck on lips.



3 Bharats Of Bharat/India

In Bhagavata Purana it has been written that of 3 Bharats, 

 Of epic age[son of Dasharata,son of  Rishabh and son of Dushyanth]

India got its name  Bharat from Bharat, son of Rishabh.

Shakuntala,daughter of Menaka married king Dushyanth,

 And got her son Bharat at Kansur at Kota district in Rajastan.



All houses cannot be a home,

No amount of luxuries can turn a house into a home.

Furniture,walls or  just members cannot constitute a home.

It should be a place where you feel quite happy,relaxed and can  interact with the other members.


Reiki,The Art Of Gentle Healing

Reiki  is a Japanese word”for spiritually guided energy”.

Reiki is nothing but energy in universe.

The magic is in the hands of the performer.

Positive energy is directed towards achieving wellness.

The physical matter we see around us, is a solidified form of energy.

Einstein’s equation says that  each unit of  mass is equivalent to  a certain amount of energy.

At the level where Reiki functions,anything can be changed because all is fluid-like and  malleable.

Reiki can heal animals,plants,seeds,food and water.

Buddha and Christ were the ancient practitioners of Reiki.

Mikao Usui,a Japanese doctor rediscovered it.

Reiki helps body to react quicker to any therapy or treatment.

Distance healing is possible with Reiki.

Reiki is a positive energy and it cannot be used to harm anybody.


Buddha,Light Of Asia

Buddha is supposed to be one of the  10 incarnations of   Lord   Shri Maha Vishnu.

On the full moon day of Vaishakh month [Vedic calander]starts 2554th year of Buddha Shakha[w.e.f.27/05/2010].

Buddha was called Bhaishaja Guru[Teacher of Medicine].

He was a great lover of human beings.He converted a brutal robber Angulimala,

Into a compassionate human being and accepted him as his disciple/follwer.

Buddha  was called  Tathagatha.Sharp wisdom and sympathy combined in him,

His love for living beings  was universal and he was a perfect  human being.

He was born at Lumbini park on April 19 in 580B.C.-says Manjeshwar Govinda Pai,

After he studied “Maha Pari Nibbana Suttanta Tripitaka”-a work written in Pali language.

In his 80th year,he consumed  the food prepared of Bamboo rice called” Sukara  Meddava ” given by a man named Chandana,

At Pavapuri and became seriously ill.He died of diarrhoea and indigestion on the full moon day of Vaishaka month,

He attained Parinirvana  at Khushinara in Salavriksha garden  in  April15 ,501 B.C. He delivered his first sermon at Saranath.

The 4 important holy places for followers of Buddha are-Lumbini[means excessive beauty] ,

Bodhagaya ,Kushinara and saranatha.For Japanese this day is festival of flower.

Nearly 10 countries celebrate Buddha Jayanthi [Birthday]

According  to Buddhist  legend,

1]Buddha’s wife Yashodhara

2]His 1st disciple Ananda,

3]His charioteer Channa ,

4]His horse Kantaka which was his  campanion during his quest for truth of life,

Were all born on this sacred day  [Buddha Purnima/Vaishaka full moon day].

Lord Buddha attained enlightenment,was born and attained Nirvana/Death also on this day.

Even the Bodhi tree  under which Buddha attained enlightenment was also supposed to be   born on this day.

These  strange coincidences give Buddha Purnima a unique significance.

Buddha was born at Kapilavastu.His father was Shuddhodana,and mother was Mayadevi,

His birth day was Wesak Day for his followers,

His wife was Yashodhara,His son was Rahul,His clan was Shakya.His original name was Gauthama and Siddhartha.