Wedding Anniversary

I knew the rain-bow will not appear at dark night.

But I  came to know it is a  white lie,when you came in my life.

Our love  knows not the distance  between  day and night.

It only knows to expand between sky and earth.

How tensioin filled may be our careers dear, let soothing love prevail  between us.

Let  our loving relations  linger  on,Dear!

May God bless us to celebrate   wedding  Anniversary year after  year!

And with clasped hands,upon the uneven path of journey of life,

Let’s move forward together!




In a marriage,each  partner is to be an encourager rather than a critic,

A forgiver rather than a collector of hurts,

An enabler rather than reformer.

By:H.Norman Wright

The Tongue

The tongue   like a serpent  hiding in the cave of mouth.

The tongue has no tradition,race,or culture.

It talks ill of others behind them without investigation or enquiring about the truth.

Its style is to lash others and hurt them.

A devotee named Puandaradasa  had requested the tongue to give up its,

 Mean nature of jibing others and to sing the song glorifying   the mercy of God.

The tongue,so long it remains faithful to its master controller,the intellectual power of mind,behaves well.

It dances artistically and gracefully like a teethless serpent without poison.

But when it severes  its connection from the control of the master player,

It starts dancing violently and invites the slaps from the affected leading to the swelling of cheeks.

By: Vani

Right Decision

A story goes like this:

A man called his three sons  and asked them a  question,

“What  will you do  when somebody insults your father in your presence?”

The first one said,”I will beat him and break his limbs”.

The second one answered,”Iwill finish him before sun-set’.

The third one replied calmly,”Dad,you have to behave,

 In such a manner, that no one should make insult of you.”

The man agreed with him.The father is right,

 Because aggressive reactions only make the life miserable.

Emotions have certainly a place in life.

But one has to face sensitive situations with intelligence only to survive peacefully.



1. One who does not  feel  shame to do shameless acts,appears big in crowd.

2.Elephant  has two types of teeth -one for showing and another for chewing.

3.Like a thing which we cannot bring home, thinking it as a fragrant flower  and also cannot throw away believing that it is stinking.

4.What use if you get an elephant as a gift?

5.Bull  is suffering from  fever,buffalo is given medical  treatment.

6.The cat sitting on the wall,which side it jumps,one cannot tell.

7.When big elephants fight,ants are crushed to death.

8.Elephant moves gracefully and never cares the barking dogs.

9.A string also gets value when we use it for weaving a garland of flowers.

10. Is it possible to make straight the tail of the dog even if you put it in a tube?.

Source:Collections [Trans]

Wonders Of Universe

1.An  amazing thing has been mentioned in Brahmanda Purana that,

 Centre of   controlling the power of space/universe is situated at polar star.

The concept of new moon,blue moon,eclipse,concept of waxing phase of moon,

Exalting  phase of moon,moving of heavenly  bodies/objects  and other concepts of universe/space ,

Are all subject to the controlling power of Polar star situated in the northern direction.

By:Bannanje Govindacharya[Trans]

2 Dark matter is real,say scientists.

The substance accounts for 80 to 90 percent of the matter in the universe.

They generate the gravity needed to hold the universe together.

The dark matter particles are invisible but can be detected by their  gravitational pull on the surrouning  visible particles.

Apart from brown stars and black holes,the remaining bulk onstituents of the dark matter are unknown at present.


Sight: Eye Sight And Insight

Life is really  dark and miserable  for  two persons-

One who is blind,and the other one who  has no insight.

Only a blind person after getting clear eye sight can describe you,

 How beautiful  are the multiple  colours of the universe  and how the life is fun filled.

Only an expert and noble  eye  surgeon can give the blind  a clear eye sight through successful surgery,

 And bring colours and fun  to the life of  the  blind.

 Only a person with clear insight can describe you how beautiful are,

The colours of divine qualities such as truth and peace  represented by soothing colour white ,

And how refreshing the colour of   happiness and progress  represented by colour green.

Only a spiritual person can cure our blind heart and give us  insight,

So that we can appreciate how beautiful the colours of fine qualities of life.

Most of the people we find in this world have lost their visions;

Some due to age factor and curable by eye surgeons ,

And some  others due to lack of insight   and curable by spiritualist.

May Lord bless the race of sight givers both eye surgeons and spiritualists flourish  ,

So that every one can enjoy the beauty of colours of universe,

Aand the noble colours of fine qualities required for survival of life.