Quote Of The day

Make yourself an honestman and then you may be sure,there is one rascal less in the world.

By:Thomas Carlyle.



We are all sick at heart.We are the victims of depression and diabetics.

We are also suffering from symptoms of disease named suicide.

The crackers we burn at festive occasions,sound like blasts for us.

Melodious music we listen at musical concerts or anywhere else,

Sound like weeping of innocent children,who are victims of violence.

The medicine for our sickness is available free of cost at pharmacy of Spirituality.

One must know that religion is different from Spirituality.

Religion is personal and binds one with rituals.

But Spirituality is universal.Let us go  for pharmacy of,

 Spirituality which cures all types of diseases and give us relief.


World Of Digits

18 is the digit of God.

 In numerology “G” is mentally powerful initial.

In numerology,”G” is governed by number 7.

Number 7 is water element and ruled by Neptune,the Greek God of sea and earthquake.

Karmic dates are [numbers]-13,14,16&19.

Power of 5-five  are the elements ,our body is composed of .

5  are the senses we have;but  some have 6th sense,

Through which they can forsee what happens in future.

5 are the types of existence on earth-humans,animals,birds,plants and bacterias, not visible for bare eyes.

5 are the ladies whom we remember in the morning.

5 are the fingers we have in each hand and foot.


Mother Goddess Durga

Mother Goddess Durga  is Goddess of power and wife of  Lord Shiva,

She is symphathetic and merciful but with killer weapons in her hand,

She drives on a terrific tiger which means that one should control the wild beasts,

Roaming in the dense forests  of our mind with spiritual weapons.

The challenging,militant and mysterious bearing of the Divine Mother,

Represents the voice of freedom for the exploited woman.

Durga also means a fortress.As long as the fortress is strong,no demonic forces can enter into it.

Worship of Goddess Durga will not allow demonic forces to enter into  our heart.



Ego wants identity;it wants an atmosphere of sadness.

Ego is not happy with ordinary;it wants a definition and a form for itself.

It creates misery for man who is serious and does not want to be a  part of a whole.

Ego is an illness. it  wants an extra -ordinary life.


A House

A  house is not a building of bricks and stones.

It is the residence of  human beings related to one another as a family with love and attachment.

A house divided against itself cannot stand .

The members of family who assemble to pray together stand united.

Our home is our best friend always there for us.

Home is where we start all our journeys and we always come back.

Make your home a reflection of you.!


An Appeal

God has given intelligence to human beings not to go for vengeance.

But ego we respect and voice of concience we neglect.

Even our fellow beings we suspect and spiritual advice we do not digest.

This is an universal appeal to aurthors cum poets spread all over the world,

To play the role of divine doctors  and inject spiritual advices as medicines,

 With needle of pen into the blood  veins of patients sick at heart of vengeance at fellow beings.

An enlightened author with his powerful and mighty pen can cure the disease which the religious leaders cannot.

By :Vani