“A mother is the first teacher and home is the first school for a child”-it is said.

Lord Krishna had two mothers- one foster and another biological,

Biologocal mother gave him the birth and foster mother brought him up,

Biological mother gave him the eyes and foster mother gave him the views.

“God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”-it is said.

Mere giving birth does not make one a mother.She is an envoy of God,

And should possess the qualities, the word mother  represents literally:-

M=Messenger,relying God’s word

O=Outpouring of genuine love.

T=Trust in God.

H=Heart set on things above.

E=Earthly Saint.

R=Rescuer of the wayward.




Sages said,God is invisible and visible before inner eyes,

When we approach Him through meditation,

But the ordinary people wants His company in their midst,

They want  His presence in visible form.

So they worship Him in the form an idol or any symbol,

To concentrate their drifting mind on Him,

And also to find in His presence, consolation  for their sufferings  in this material world,

One has no authority to interfere in relation between the devotee and his God,

And to direct anyone to worship Him in a particular way only,

Provided the way of one’s worship does not collide with the interests  of  humanity.

“God is simple and loving and accepts milk or water or even a leaf,

If offered to Him with devotion and love at heart”-as Lord Krishna said in Geetha.

God matters not the way of worship but values the devotion only,

Service  rendered to the elders and the sick also is similar to the worship and pleases God.


Life And Views

Life is a fact and not an illusion,

It is not a fairy tale,but a fierce battle,

Against adverse situations.

Patience is our sword in our fight,

Against the hostile destiny.

Life is unfair because what we long for ,

We do not get.And what we get ,we do not want.

But we have to get used to it because it is the Will of the God .


1.Life is simple,but not easy.

2.Life is simple,but we are interested in making it complicated.

3.Become an eagle,not a parrot in life.

Parrot can speak but  not fly.

But an eagle flies high and silently reaches the sky.

4.Measure a man not by his literary works but by his accomplishments in life.

5.We should not be like one who is blind by birth,

We should grasp the meanings of  the colours of life,

After the realisation of meanings of colours of life,

It never matters if we lose our sight.


Cruel Joke

The normal  business  or dealings in this material world  is possible,

Untill we do not know the secrecy of end of our   affairs in this world.

If there would have been no question of death of anybody in this material world,

Then the existence of mosques,temples,or churches which show  human kind,

The path of heaven would have been a cruel  joke.



1.Wife: Why did you come home early today?

Husband:Boss scold  me to go to hell.

2.Husband:Do you know what” WIFE”stands for?

“Without Information  Fighting  Everytime”.

Wife:It could also mean -“With Idiot For Ever”