Several saints ,godly people,prophets and even the son of God,

Took birth on earth,with intention to eradicate evil and,

Violence  from human hearts.Still they have not succeeded,

In their mission because even today we find,

In the garden of human heart,the seeds,

Of evil and violence survive and flourish as weeds.



Moon Inspire

Moon is to a viewer on earth,is a reflection of what one imagines.

Moon is a silver container to a poet,who drinks the nector of his romantic  poems in it.

To a lover moon is a mirror,who reflects the face of one’s beloved.

For the earth, moon is the silver lamp lit by the God,

To drive away the darkness  from her disappointed heart.

Moon like a chameleon changes her images,before the dreaming eyes of the one on earth,

And appears to one  as one thinks,she means something to everyone,

And never fails the dreams of any  one,who may be,positive or negative  in approach towards one’s life.



Eyes create dreams,eyes reflect love,eyes reveals the beauty,

Of  the heart,within; be not the eye- sore of  any,

But be the source of joy before the sight of many,

Shed tears for the sufferings of others;For,tears clear your vision,

And brings before you with clarity,the image of facts in life,

For youths who are blind,with wrong information,

Do surgery  on the eyes,with the weapon of right words,

And give them the clear vision,which shows them the right  path,

Towards their life’s peace mission.The near-sighted live only for the present,

And the far-sighted see beyond  today.Like horses tied with veil of iron,

On their eyes,that restrict their vision,only on the path beneath,and hence miss,

The beauty and drama of the world around,be not self-centred and to world’s affair unconcerned,

The importance of eyes will be known,only when you lose the vision,

Donate your eyes after death,so that the blind’s may find their life’s path.



We are each of us angels with one wing and we can fly by embracing one another.


Unity does not mean uniformity ;

If globalisation means homogenization,

Then the very poetry called life becomes a dull prose.


There are two forces that unite men-fear and interest.

[By:Napolean Bonatarte]

Light Never Dies

Darkness thinks that Sun in the west,

Has drowned in the ocean and that,

Light has gone away forever,

And that he only rules the empire of night,

But light dies never,

When the sun rises in the east,

In the morning,with golden sheen,

Light pervades all over on the earth,

And darkness without informing anybody,

Runs away to hide behind,

The light as mere shadows.