Our wealth is at times tainted with some bad deeds,big or small;when we do charity,this wealth gets purified.
Our wealth,like water can either help us live or can destroy us by sinking us.
If the boat gets filled with water,it will sink and take down everything with it.
To save ourselves,we need to pour the water out of the boat.
Similarly we need to pour out or share our wealth to uplift our soul.
Poet Kalidasa once gave away his umbrella and slippers to an old man walking in the sun,bare feet without an umbrella.
The poet was noticed walking bare feet in the sun,by one of the king’s generals who offered him a lift on the royal elephant.
The moment he gave away his belongings to a have not,God had lifted him.



Marriage-a book of which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters written in prose.
By:Beverly Nicholas


Fall as often as you must,but don’t lie down where you have fallen!
Be like a rubber ball;rebound and reach again the summits from which you had fallen.
By: Swami Chinmyananda
The human heart,at whatever age,opens only to the heart that opens in return.
By:Maria Edgeworth


Life in itself has no meaning.
Life is an opportunity to create a meaning.
You will find meaning only if you create it.
It is a poem to be composed; It is a song to be sung, It is a dance to be performed.